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Culture of Panipat

Haryana is a state rich in culture with its myriad customs and folk arts. The traditions of this region dates back to the vedic times and they are now enjoyed with full fervors in form of various festivals and dances. The diversity of races co- existing in this state is reflected in its arts as well making them even more colorful and vivacious.

Culture of Panipat

As a fast emerging city of Haryana, Panipat is often mistaken to be just a center of industries. In fact, the city is full of zeal and festivities known to be the integral part of typical Haryanvi culture. The history of this city too had its impact on its culture. The land of Panipat was invaded several times and made the battlefield of three fierce battles. These Muslim invaders influenced the city to great extent and led to ascend of Indo-Islamic culture here. Even till date, the cultural values of this city are kept intact by its people who love their roots and proudly celebrate their heritage.

People of Panipat

People in Panipat

Despite Haryanvis being the main population of the city, Panipat has a mixed population due to its history and industry. The city was invaded by several dynasties and each of them left their indelible mark here. The Punjabis, Indo Islamic, and Marathi populace of this region reside in the city in complete harmony with the natives of Panipat. The booming industrial scenario also caused major influx of people from all regions of country and all walks of life. Finally, it constituted a varied population in this city.

Languages of Panipat

Panipat has majority of population speaking typical Haryanvi dialect which is characteristically known as Jatu or language of Jat community. The city has huge Punjabi community as well and thus, Punjabi is also widely used here. Also Punjabi is the second official language of state after Hindi which is the first official language in Haryana. The most peculiar feature of Haryanvi language is its crude but humorous accent. With rapid development and modernization, English has also evolved as official language in Panipat though it is somewhat mixed with Hindi and spruced up with a Haryanvi tone.

Dance and Music in Panipat

Dance and music in Panipat

Folk artists from entire state of Haryana have taken their art on global platforms. Panipat also has the affluent folk arts in form of music, drama, and dances. Saangs are the most popularly performed theatre art in Panipat. It is the ballad which includes a folk song and storytelling about the ancient heroes and gods of this region. These ballads, dramas, and dances are the nerve of its cultural heritage. The popular dance forms in this city are Loor, Gugga, Gangore dance, Ghumar, Chhatti Dance, and Teej dance. All these local dances represent the traditions of this land with melodious tunes of their folk music inundating the atmosphere.

Handicrafts in Panipat

Handicrafts in Panipat

Panipat is rightly called the city of weavers. This acronym is coined for this city, basically, due to the large number of handlooms showcasing their art by weaving cotton durries, bed sheets, blankets, mats, and curtains. These handicrafts of Panipat are its identity across the country and abroad. There is one other specialty of Panipat called Achar Pachranga which is a variety of mixed pickle made in the city since 1925.

Food of Panipat

Food in Panipat

It is said about Haryana that it is a prosperous state where you can have milk and curd in abundance. The city of Panipat is also known for its Haryanvi flavors. The cuisine of this city is highly inspired and similar to Punjabi food due to clear impact of this neighboring state on its culture. It is wholesome, delectable, and atypical to the inheritance of this land. Loaves made from Flour are a popular dish here. It is prepared with salt and extra chilies for their spicy flavor. Bajre ki khichdi, moong ki khichdi, lassi, and makke ki roti form the integral part of local cuisines. Also the people of Panipat love to eat their Angakda which is a small and thick chapatti made of barley flour.

Festivals in Panipat

Festivals in Panipat

The people of Panipat celebrate all their festivals with enthusiasm and gusto. The traditional fervor of this place is well depicted through these festivities. Each of their celebration is marked by the folk dances, music, and unparalleled spirit of the locals. The common festivals celebrated in Panipat are Lohri which is celebrated largely in both the states of Punjab and Haryana on 13th January. Other festival of this city is Gangore which is celebrated around the March/ April. This is the festival holding special place for women folk right from little girls to married ladies who participate in it with great zeal. In August/ September, Gugga Naumi is also celebrated in Panipat to venerate Gugga Pir of Haryana who is believed to give riddance from snake bites to its people.

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