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Medical Facilities in Panipat

Panipat is one of the important districts in Haryana known for its unprecedented industrial growth. The city boasts of large scale industries operating here and it has diverse population attracted by the ample job opportunities provided by them. With this high influx of population, health care sector needed a much required revamp in the city. These requirements were efficiently met by medical facilities available in Panipat. Now, it has well equipped and world class hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, and rehabilitation centers within the entire district to undertake the responsibility of providing better medical services to its citizens.

Healthcare in Panipat

The city has around four major public hospitals along with numerous private centers offering world class treatments and therapies. The infrastructure of Panipat is growing at a fast pace. This has given push to its health care sector also. With state government intervention and efforts by local administration, the city has witnessed improvement in health statistics. The matters like rural health, infant mortality, critical diseases, and life expectancy are diligently handled with this collaboration of state and local governments. It has all leading medical services that are:

Hospitals in Panipat

Panipat is an emerging city which was quite recently accorded with status of Municipal Corporation by state government. Apart from its leading industries, it has many leading medical centers of north India operating in and around the city. There are more than 5 hospitals with capacity of 50 beds or more. Panipat as a district also has many district hospitals, sub divisional hospitals, dispensaries, medical institutions, maternity centers, specialized medical centers, and healthcare centers including sub centers, primary and community health centers.

Leading hospitals in Panipat

The major Public sector hospitals in Panipat are Civil Hospital, ESI Hospital, and Chaturbhuj Leelavati Trust Hospital. The city also has many private medical institutions including Shri Balaji Hospital, Aman Hospital, Madaan Hospital, Chhabra Hospital, Maharaja Aggarsain Hospital, and Ravindra hospital.

Nursing Homes in Panipat

Panipat has many nursing homes operating in the prominent centers of city. These nursing homes are well equipped with advanced techniques in the field of medical science and well trained medical staff proficient in curing even the severe diseases. These facilities are especially beneficial for the residents of nearby localities as they can avail prompt medical services in an emergency. They offer general physician services along with specialty services like gynecology, pediatrics, and cardiac treatments.

Nursing home services in Panipat

The topmost nursing homes in Panipat are Sanjeevani Nursing Home, Chhabra Nursing Home, Anand Nursing Home, Singla Nursing Home, and Talwar Nursing Home. Due to their efficiency, these nursing homes have struck the right chord with people for their routine as well as specific medical needs.

Yoga Classes in Panipat

Yoga is not a remedial science rather it teaches the right way of living with sound health. It has gained popularity in today’s urbane culture as it can serve as a stress buster from the bustling city life. In Panipat, this culture is rapidly catching up with its industrial and infrastructural development. There are many yoga classes in the city located in its key areas.

Yoga in Panipat

They are easily accessible from around the city and it is quite convenient for people to learn the latest yoga asanas to rejuvenate their body and mind. Patanjali, Sahaja Yoga, Art of Living Centers, and Fitness, Slimming, & Health Care Center are some of the main yoga classes in Panipat.

Dieticians in Panipat

With hectic schedules and disturbed city life, eating habits are severely affected leading to sicknesses and health problems. It is a general condition in urban cities where health related issues have been on constant high in recent times. To tackle these problems, services of dietary experts are quite effective. They help to devise a proper diet plan as per individual requirements. These dietary plans suggested by dieticians are very helpful in improving the eating habits along with nutritional intake of body.

Diet experts in Panipat

 In Panipat also, these problems are quite commonly found due to increasing work stress on people. As a result, dieticians in Panipat are witnessing major turnout of patients in their clinics. These dieticians are well trained in subjects like Dietetics and Nutrition from leading educational institutions. Hence, they offer various types of diets for weight loss, weight gain, or healthy lifestyle along with their therapeutic programs.

Occupational Therapies in Panipat

Today, alternate therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and speech therapy are gaining much importance along with other regular treatments. They help to cure the health impediments caused by accidents, chronic diseases, or ageing. This is rehabilitation science working to enhance physical fitness by removing the deformities from body. However, it requires specialized knowledge and skills to undergo case studies for individual patients and suggest a remedy for them.

Acupressure in Panipat

Panipat also has many such occupational therapists like Institute of Medicine Alternate Therapies, Om Sai Alternate Therapy Center, Vansh acupressure Center, Wonder Physiotherapy Center, Physiocare and Physiotherapy Center.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Panipat

Mental instability or sickness is the issue that must be dealt with utmost care and diligence. Such patients require expert guidance and specialized treatments from proficient medical practitioners called psychiatrist and psychologists. While Psychiatrists work as physicians to assess and cure mental sickness through prescription of drugs and other related treatments, Psychologists are the counselors who try to initiate balanced behavioral pattern in patients by understanding their mental and emotional status.

Mental health in Panipat

In Panipat city, there are many such Psychologists and psychiatrists who offer their excellent services to ensure a healthy and sound mind to people suffering from such problems. The well known Psychologists and psychiatrists in Panipat are Nagpal Brain Care Center, Sangam Neuropsychiatry Center, Arora Psychiatry Nursing Home, City hospital, and Dr, Gaurav Bhateja.

Medical Tourism in Panipat

With the development of medical facilities and infrastructure, medical tourism is also rising in India. The country has some of the best super specialty hospitals offering state of the art medical facilities under the supervision of their highly trained personnel at affordable prices. Affordability with advanced techniques has generally led to growth of medical tourism in the state of Haryana as well.
As an important and upcoming medical hub of the state, Panipat also attract patients from across the globe for treatment in its multi specialty hospitals.

Health services in Panipat

The Ayurveda centers in this city are most dominant feature of medical tourism in Panipat as these centers offer excellent treatments through Ayurvedic medicines and procedures with a sustainable effect. The leading hospitals and Ayurvedic institutes in Panipat invite patients from all parts of world to explore the history of this magnificent city along with undergoing treatment at its medical facilities.

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