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Panipat Police

Panipat is a historical city situated adjoining to River Yamuna. Panipat has witnessed many blood baths in its chronology. Hence the police in Panipat ensure that city must stay calm and peaceful without any turbulence.

Panipat Police is engaged in maintaining law and order in the city as well as they give protection to all ancient monuments and important places of Panipat. Also the Panipat possess many industrial zones which need special monitoring in terms of securing high investments in the city. They always give prompt patrolling in that area to provide safe and secure ambiance to the industrialists.

Police in Panipat

Basically Panipat city is placed on the both sides of Grand trunk road which is connecting Delhi and Amritsar. Panipat District came in existence on November 1st 1989. Currently, Panipat have a population of more than 12 lakhs which are residing in city as well as in 183 villages.

Panipat Police have two arms to support them in their daily working and prevent crime incidences in the city. These include Cyber Cell and Traffic Police.

Cyber Cell of Panipat Police

The rapid development in Information Technology has led the Panipat Police to establish cyber cell in the city. Today with the fast growth in internet and its uses, many crimes have emerged as well. These crimes are challenging and hard to comply. Hence to deal with such relevant cases in the Panipat city, they have incepted Cyber Cell in the town.
Panipat Police
These Cyber Cell as a nodal office, looks into the matter of online frauds such as misuse of credit cards, email fraudulent, any internet related complaint are handled by them only.

They also provide high-tech services like mobile surveillance, call detonation, location of IP address, and other such assistance to the police stations coming under the Panipat Police.

Contact Cyber Cell

Cyber Cell Panipat
Mobile No : 8398000622
Phone No : 0180- 2699100

Traffic Police in Panipat

Traffic police has been established to ensure the smooth running of traffic in city. The well equipped cops challan for unethical ways of driving and regularly organize checking schedule at important exist points of city. Traffic police is incepted at every traffic light and important point of city.They give directions to the traffic and drive them according to the rules.

Traffic Management in Panipat

In any emergency, they communicate to main police headquarters for assistance. Panipat city is mainly concentrated on the main highway i.e. NH 1. Monitoring of the entire region of G T Road falls under Panipat Police. Thus, they have set up Traffic Police station at G T road near Babarpur.

Contact Traffic Police Station in Panipat

SHO Police Station Traffic, Babarpur
Mobile no: 8398000621
Phone No : 0180- 2699150

Police Stations in Panipat

Panipat police has been divided into five Tehsil or sub divisions, which are served by 9 Police stations and 17 police posts across the district.
Police in Panipat

SHO Police Station City:
Contact details : 0180- 2699110, 8398000613
Email :

SHO Police Station Chandni Bagh:
Contact No : 0180- 2699116, 8398000615
Email :

SHO Police Station Sadar
Contact details : 0180- 2699127, 8398000614
Email :

SHO Police Station Model Town
Contact No : 0180- 2699122, 8398000616
Email :

SHO Police Station Samalkha
Contact details : 0180- 2699129, 8398000619
Email :

SHO Police Station Matlauda
Contact details : 0180- 2699131, 8398000617
Email :

SHO Police Station Israna
Contact details : 0180- 2699136, 8398000618
Email :

SHO Police Station Bapoli

Contact details : 0180- 2699138, 8398000620
Email :

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  • M
    Mv from Pune 479 Days ago

    Sir,there is a person from panipat who was a friend but now I do not want to continue the friendship but he keeps on calling me. Even if I block his number, he calls from another SIM card. He has about 10 numbers. He keeps disturbing me, my friends, my students, my family members by continuously calling them that too at night 12/1/2 am. He keeps calling up ... a person gets up to 10/12 calls and maximum goes up to to 70 calls. Please guide how do I go about Filing a complaint with and taking action against him. I have filed filed a complaint with the Pune police, but that person still keeps on harassing and threatening that I will kill your family. Please help Please guide.

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  • A
    Amir khsn from Panipat 754 Days ago

    Aaj 12:30 pm Panipat railway station par mera Barua chori ho gya .yadi apke pass koi jankari aye to mujhe upper wali mail id par jaroor batana .Usme mera driving licence or aur bhi jaroori ducumdocu hai .

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  • V
    Virender kumar from Panipat 754 Days ago

    Dear Sir, aaj 2PM par mere ghar par Ek phone se call aai or mere Bank ATM ki detail puchne laga phir jab Maine usi no. Par return call ki to wah gali dene laga. Dear Sir mujhe lagta hai ki woh no. Cyber crime walo ka hai pl. Aap is par karwahi Kare or us apradhi ko pakde taki wo koi or apradh na kar sake mere pass uski call recording bhi hai. uska phone no. 7001211473 hai jisse Hume call aai thi.Thanku

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  • C
    Cyber Expert from Panipat 816 Days ago

    Plz update all the contact details as per Panipat Law Enforcement domain as the details you are providing is old & not in working specialy cell phone numbers.

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  • J
    Jitender Arora from Panipat 1258 Days ago

    just reveried a call from 8877753360 seeking information about ATM cards. They are the people who are engaged in cyber crime. Please catch those people.

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