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Places to Visit in Panipat

Panipat is a distinguished place in terms of history. It is famous for three major battles fought here during the history. City holds remembrance as well as war testaments in form of memorials and monuments in this region. The blood bathed history of this city has significant impact on tourism place which are displayed in its travel guide. People with query and anxious about history like to visit Panipat and gather imperative information of its past. There are many such tombstones and heritages that are testimonials of this decisive chronology of Indian history.

Famous Temple of Panipat

Devi Mandir in Panipat

Devi Mandir is one of the popular temples of Panipat. The temple has its existence on the banks of a big tank and dedicated to local deity, Goddess of Panipat. It is believed that Devi temple was built during the regime of Maratha rule. It is easy to locate from any part of city and locals as well as tourists visit this prime shrine of Panipat in large numbers.

Historical places of Panipat

Hemu Samadhi Sthal in Panipat

Hemu Samadhi Sthal is the same place where the famous Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya of Haryana was beheaded by Akbar at Jind Road in Saundhapur region. Hemu was the last Hindu ruler who lost second Panipat battle to Akbar.

This cenotaph was built by supporters of Samrat Hemu after his beheading by Bairam Khan. Hemu Samadhi Sthal is the only remains of Samrat Hemu as all other assets of his dynasty were demolished later.

Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi in Panipat

It is an entombment of Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi. This tomb is built with simplicity, constructed near the Tehsil office. It is one of the historical places in Panipat that is related to first Battle of Panipat where Ibrahim Lodhi fought with Babur. It is plain platform over burial with short caption written on it about Ibrahim Lodhi.

Kabuli Bagh in Panipat

Kabuli Bagh is one of the famous attractions of Panipat which was built by Babur after the victory of first battle of Panipat. It is named after the wife of Babur, Mussammat Kabuli begum. It is a beautiful garden in pleasant arena of the city. This was built as a remembrance to memorialize the win over Ibrahim Lodhi. There is also one mosque in vicinity of garden drawing attention of many tourists.

Famous tourist attraction in Panipat

People on visit also found one platform called as chabutra built by Humayun after defeating Salem Shah near Panipat. Inscription is found on this place written as fateh Mubarak which means congratulation of victory.

Kala Amb in Panipat

Kala Amb is one of the cenotaph monuments of Panipat. It is built as a national memorial by government for Maratha Warriors who fought the third battle of Panipat. Due to immense bloodshed in this battle, it is said that fruits of nearby Mango tree became black.

This black mango tree used to exist at this place from which its name was derived. Now there no such tree exists but still it is called with same name. It is believed that many Maratha Warriors led by Sadashiv Rao Bhau died at this place fighting for their mother land against the Afghani invaders under leadership of Ahmad Shah Abdali.
War memorial in Panipat

This memorial is built by government in form of Pillar made of bricks with iron rod fencing around it. People who are very much interested in historical events must visit this place.

Panipat Museum

Panipat Museum is blessed with collections of all three battles of Panipat along with the assets of Independent India. It is built to spread facts and store data of historical events for upcoming generation. This is beautiful initiation of government to bring travelers closer to history of Panipat. The collection include art, craft, pottery, jewellery, documents, ornaments, equipments, swords, war weapons, sculptures, and other ancient and chronological things of Panipat history.

Museum in Panipat

Salar Gunj Gate in Panipat

Salar Gunj Gate is historical remains of Nawab Salar Juge. It is an important place in Panipat, situated in the middle of city. It is an interesting place for the tourists who are fond of archeological wonders.

Dargah Qalandar Shah in Panipat

It is one of the renowned sites of Panipat history. It was built by sons of Ala-ud-din Khilji; Khizir Khan and Shadi Khan nearly 700 years ago. Hakim Muquarrab Khan and Khwaja Altaf Hussain’s burial is also found at this place who were the popular poets of Urdu.

Dargah in Panipat

Purana Quila in Panipat

Purana Quila was believed to be built by Pandavas in 1000 BC. This was pre historic period of India when this area was called as Pandavprastha and believed to be capital of Pandavas. There are many facts about the place and existence. It is now a old citadel having bastion on every corner of western wall and 2 km long boundary wall of fort is graved with 3 double storied main gates along shed above in form of chhattris.

Shree Ram Sharnam in Panipat

Shree Ram Sharnam is one of renowned religious places of Panipat. The place witness huge numbers of religious people who comes to offer prayers at this premises. People feel spiritual strength and forget their worries while visiting this place. There are regular bhajan and satsang programs performed by people dedicating to Lord Ram. There are also special programs organized on occasions to ramp up the spiritual soul of devotees.

Along with all these major historical and religious places there are many other beautiful and important places in Panipat which can be explored on a visit. These places include Radha Krishna mandir, Arya Samaj Mandir, Shri Hanuman Mandir, and other similar attractions.

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