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Ration Card in Panipat

Ration Card is an important document for the residents of city of Panipat. It is an important tool to prove the citizenship and act as a domicile certificate for people. This document is compulsory to get benefits given by government in form of aid. It is also used as proof of identity, residence proof, and to enroll names in electoral polls as well.

Ration card in Panipat

Ration card is a typical booklet in which all the details of holder are mentioned along with food grain and other necessary items purchase record. As the time progressed these Ration Cards are infused with new inventions and advanced technology is used to upgrade the use of this document. Now Government has made an extreme step and changed all ration cards with smart card for better service.

Smart Ration Card in Panipat

New Smart Card in PanipatRation card booklet is becoming the thing of past as Government is now distributing smart ration cards to the residents of Panipat. To initiate transparency in distribution system of food items through ration card, it has been replaced by Smart card.

This is a special gift of government to people of Panipat to enhance the food supply chain system which runs on the wheels of Fair Price shops (FPS) located across the district. Haryana Public Distribution System is responsible authority to initiate and manage the distribution system in food grains at affordable rates.

They ensure that people get full benefits of their rights and provided with quantity they deserve. Smart Ration Card is an elite project of government to ensure perfect distribution system, proper management of storage, and provide subsidized food grains to right candidates. Smart cards are replacing all old ones in this region for a smart change in society. These smart cards are given as per different categories.

This includes Above Poverty Line (APL), Below Poverty Line (BPL), Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY). The Smart Ration Cards have identical color strip for different categories of family.  The Pink striped card is given to AAY, Yellow to BPL, and Green to APL. The photograph of the head of a family is printed on card along with his name, address and UID number, as well as a unique ration card number and the Fair Price Shop to which the card is linked.

Name of each member in family with his/ her relation with the head of the family, his/ her date of birth and gender are printed on the back side of this card. Also fingerprints of 3 authorized persons of the family are stored in the card chip to make certain that transaction must happen only in the presence of beneficiary family members. Additionally, the family members’ name along with UID number and other details as well as the monthly entitlements of commodities are stored in that chip.

Transaction on Smart Ration Card:

Every Fair Price Shop Owner (FPSO) is given a security Smart Card, which contains the data of monthly entitlement of each family linked with the identical FPS. These FPSOs are provided with PoS Smart Transaction terminal which serves as a single integrated device for performing sales transactions at particular point. The PoS device is used to authenticate the holder of card and his finger print.

These PoS also generates receipt of the successfully performed transaction at FPSO. These PoS terminal are also enabled with voice interface. It declares the quantity delivered and amount should be paid by buyer through announcements. But transactions at the FPS are valid and performed only on the production of the smart ration card by any one of the three authorized members of the family whose finger prints are stored in chip.

In the end, the FPSO gets his transactions uploaded to central database at Haryana State Data centre every month through service window at Assistant Food and Civil Supplies Officer. They also get his next month allocations loaded on his security smart card from same place only.

Ration Card FormsHow to Apply for Ration Card:

For first time, Applicant should apply in proforma form D-1 in either of the offices

1. District Food and Supplies Controller/ Assistant

2. Food and Supplies Officer/ Inspector

Applicant should submit a request application along with affidavit self declaring that he/ she have not taken ration card in any part of country as well as record of residence from last 5 years. Photograph of family should be enclosed with the application form.

The Authorized Sub inspector/ Inspector will inspect the details of application and make a physical visit to check the particulars. They can make other enquires as well from the voter list or census record. After ensuring all aspects about the applicant, this authorized person will recommend application for issuance of Ration card. The ration card will be available in given time period at same office in which he/ she had applied.

Documents required for New ration card:

  • Form D1
  • Self declared affidavit
  • Two photograph of family members
  • Application fee Rs 10 (No fee is charged if applying for BPL card)
  • Rs 25 fee only if want acquire ration card through speed post

How to get Duplicate Ration Card

Applicant should submit their application form D1 along with family photograph to the Inspector/ Sub inspector of Panipat District Food & Supplies department or Controller/ Assistant of Food and supply office. After procedure of verification, applicant will be given new ration card after paying the prescribed fee. Application can be submitted in e- disha centers as well.

Documents required:

  • 2 copies of family photo
  • Report of depot holder
  • 2 copies of challan with Rs 5 penalty fee

How to add and delete name on ration card:

Generally, addition of name happens with a birth of new born or inclusion of new family member after marriage. In both cases, application should be submitted at DFSC/ AFSO/ IFS office in Panipat along with family photograph. They have to submit birth certificate or marriage certificate/ surrender certificate for identical inclusion. Inspector will make arrangements for verifying the particulars of application. After scrutinizing the documents and on site visit, applicant will be awarded with new ration card.
Vice versa same process is used for deletion of name in ration card. They have to submit death certificate for the cancellation of name.

Documents required:

  • 2 copies of family photo
  • Birth certificate/ Death certificate/ Surrender Certificate

How to change Address in Ration Card:

Application should be made through D1 form. It can be downloaded from official website as well. Applicant should submit this form along with required documents to circle office along with existing ration card.

Documents required:

  • Duly signed Form attested from any Gazetted officer/ MC/ Sarpanch/ Lambardar
  • Original ration card

Time Frame for Ration Card Services in Panipat:

Government has set some time frame for the process of ration card and other allied services regarding the changes on this legal document.

  • Issuance of New ration card: 15 days
  • Issuance of ration card on receipt of surrender certificate: 7 days
  • Issuance of Duplicate ration card: 7 days
  • Inclusion of New member in ration card: 7 days
  • Removal of family member name from ration card: 7 days
  • Change of address within same jurisdiction: 3 days
  • Change of address including change of FPS: 3 days
  • Issuance of Surrender certificate: 1 day

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