Tourism in Panipat

Panipat TourismPanipat is one of the legendary places of India having its existence since epic age. Panipat was formed by amalgamation of 5 villages i.e. prasthas at the time of Mahabharata and even called as ‘Pandavprashta’.

It is said to be ruled by Pandavas at that time. Since that time this place has been a highlighted region of India and witnessed many historical events from pre history to modern history.

Most significant events that have laid immeasurable impact on this city are three battles of Panipat. Its tourism revolves around these three battles. Perhaps, it was also called as Dhramaksetra because Lord Krishna versed Bhagwat Gita first time here only.

These events and its rich history have boasted Panipat with numerous historical attractions and geographical scenic locations in its arena. Panipat was used as a battle field in chronological period and hence it is said that soil of Panipat is red due to blood bath that happened at this place. Standing on this soil makes everyone think about the warrior who fought for their region and their unbelievable sacrifices for country.

The city of Panipat in history

Some places of Panipat not only gives beautiful memories but still they are remembrance of brutality of invaders to Indian people. After Independence there are many places developed for enjoyable and eventful tourism in Panipat. Hence Panipat tourism is mixed bag of sorrow and enjoyment that visitor get while coming to this city. It is also called as ‘City of Weavers’ because of textile and carpet industries.

Places to See in Panipat:

Panipat is well versed with historical places, religious places, and natural places which completes the tourism of this city.

Religious Places in Panipat

India is place of diversified religion and so is the Panipat. Population of Panipat includes people from all religion hence all types of religious places are found in this city. These religious places are scattered all around the town which is visited by locals as well as tourists from other places. In tourism, religious places like temples, gurudwaras, churches, and mosques keep a distinct place in the heart of visitors.

Tourist attractions in Panipat

The Religious Places Panipat has are:

  • Devi Temple
  • NFL Hari Mandir
  • Hazrat Bu Ali Shah Qalandar tomb, Kalandar Chowk
  • Radha Krishna Mandir
  • Ram Mandir
  • Shri Murli Manohar Mandir, Subhash Bazar
  • Sanatam Dharam Mandir
  • Shri Trilok Shiv Mandir, Model town
  • Shri Gauri Shankar Mandir, Idgah road
  • Arya Samaj Mandir
  • Gaushala Mandi
  • Shri Hanuman Mandir
  • Shiv Mandir Lake
  • Shiv Mandir, Idgah road
  • Shri Satyanarayan Mandir, Gur Mandi
  • St Marry’s church, Main bazaar
  • Radha Raman Mandir, Virat nagar
  • Shiv Mandir, New Model town
  • Gurudwara Pehli Patshahi, G T road
  • Israna Gurudwara, Israna
  • Kabuli bagh mosque

Historical Places in Panipat

As Panipat is one of the oldest cities of India and having lots of events in its chronological period, due to which it has many historical places in its display of attractions. Some of them are from epic age of Mahabharata while some of them are of 3 battles and several dynasties that ruled over this place.

The Dargah Bu Ali Shah Qalandar

Historical Places to see in Panipat are:

  • Kala Amb
  • Hemu Samadhi Sthal
  • Ibrahim Lodhi burial
  • The Dargah Bu Ali Shah Qalandar
  • Kabuli Bagh
  • Salar Gunj Gate
  • Purana Quila
  • Panipat museum

Parks in Panipat

  • Tau Devi Lal Park, Sector 6, HUDA, Panipat
  • Ekta Park, Park St, Sector- 12, HUDA Industrial Area, Panipat
  • Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali Park, Industrial Area, Panipat
  • Catain Sadanand Park, Gurudwara Road, Model town, Panipat
  •  Apna Yoga Park, Jatal road, Model Town, Panipat
  • Green Park, Sector- 12, HUDA Industrial Area, Panipat
  • Green Park, Sher Shah Suri Marg, NFL Township, Huda Indl Area, Panipat
  • Laxmi Narayan Park, Netaji Colony, Panipat
  • Gandhi Park Killa, Sethi Chowk Area, Panipat

Bazaars in Panipat

Panipat is popular for its blanket and carpet collection. Tourists can find the finest pieces of these items in the markets of Panipat. There are well known markets which are established since historical period while some are incepted during independent India. Tourist coming for a trip to Panipat could not resist themselves from buying one piece for their remembrance.

The fact of Handloom Industry in Panipat is that they are producing best designer art pieces and sharing 30 percent in total export of Panipat. Even people can find best kind of textile which is manufactured in textile mills of Panipat.

Shopping in Panipat

Besides carpets and textile, Panipat market offers various types of spices, handicrafts, traditional foods, pickles, jewelery, and other such beautiful things. The popular markets in Panipat are:
  • Palika Bazaar
  • Pachranga Bazaar
  • Rajputana Market
  • L Market
  • Subhash Bazaar

Eateries in Panipat

Panipat is popular destination for food lover as well. Here you can find pure vegetarian food in restaurants cooked in pure ghee and that too with proper hygiene. Panipat restaurants are serving lavish cuisines of north India as well as other continental and Chinese food. These restaurants are well equipped with skilled staff and proper management to handle the huge flow of guests in their premises. There are many dhabas as well in Panipat due to Grand trunk road passing by this city. These popular dhabas serves traditional north Indian food in traditional style i.e. on charpai. Tourists can also try out some snacks and eateries shops which serve renowned snacks of Panipat.

Eateries in Panipat

Popular Restaurants of Panipat are:
  • Vikrant Dhaba, G T Road, Panipat
  • Sunny Vaishno Dhaba, G T Road, Rajguru market, Opp Arya Girls school, Panipat
  • Gaffar Hotel, G T Road, Hali Colony, Panipat
  • Gaylord Hotel and Restaurants, G T Road Panipat
  • Famous snacks eateries in Panipat:
  • Friend’s Fast food, Krishan pura, Panipat
  • Krishna Fast food, Krishan pura, Panipat
  • Delhi Fast food, Jatal road, opp PNB, Panipat
  • Manoj Fast food, Kalander Chowk, Panipat
  • Paradise Fast food, Sukhdev Nagar, Panipat
  • Anand Fast food, sukhdev nagar, Panipat

Hotels in Panipat

Hotels plays major role in the tourism of Panipat. Hotels in Panipat are well organized to serve tourists coming to their city for tourism. All kinds of hotels are available in Panipat which gives comfortable stay in the city. People with low budgets can opt for budget hotels in Panipat while who emphasizes more on comfort can choose 3 star hotels in Panipat.

There are some resorts as well to give elite services to guests looking for extracurricular activities along with comfortable stay. Top hotels in Panipat provides services such as gym, spa, meeting room, cafeteria, conference room, visitors room, bar, lounger, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and other similar features.

Some of the best hotels catering in Panipat are:

Where to stay in Panipat

  • Hotel Gold, NH 1, Panipat
  • Hotel Days Inn, Huda Industrial area, Panipat
  • Narula’s Hotel, G T road, Panipat
  • Hotel My India, G T road, Panipat
  • Skylark Tourist Complex, Panipat
  • Hotel Regency, GT road, Panipat
  • Hive Hotel, G T road, Panipat

How to Reach and Travel within Panipat

Panipat and adjoining areas are well connected through public transport system. Haryana Roadways has provided ample buses to Panipat depot which is engaged in transportation of passengers from and to other part of Haryana and adjoining states. There are two more depots at Israna and Samalkha to board buses for the convenience of passengers. Currently Haryana Government has allotted 117 buses to Panipat depot to work efficiently and give prompt service to passengers.

Address: G T Road, Panipat
Enquiry number: 0180- 2646544

Tourists also opt for cabs and taxis for visiting tourist attractions of Panipat. Passenger can book these cabs for full day to comfortably plan their tour of Panipat tourism. Even travelers coming to Panipat can find taxis near main bus stand of city which is situated on G T road. Many tour operators give services regularly to Delhi and Chandigarh on sharing basis. Some of the best taxis service providers are given below:
  • Om Taxi Service, Gohana road, Panipat
  • Sai Taxi Service, Refinery Township, Panipat
  • Rana Taxi Service, Devi Mandir, Noorwala, Panipat

How to travel in Panipat

Auto rickshaws are the best for transportation within the city. Auto rickshaw drivers are well aware of local places of Panipat and take you to desired location easily. They charge reasonable rates and give comfortable seat for journey. It is advisable to ask for fare for arriving desired location before hiring for travel.

Best Time to Visit Panipat

Panipat receives three major climatic conditions throughout the year like other parts of India. January to March period is occupied by winter season and it is also the best time to visit Panipat. During this phase of year temperature dwells between 4o to 17 o C and providing immaculate pleasant climate to explore this part of tourism. Usually winter starts in this region with the start of November and people plan their visit between these months mostly.

Summers are quite hot and uncomfortable for explore Panipat as it barometer shows the temperature above 450C. But still people dedicated for tourism can come to this part. During this season, lots of discounts are offered by travel operators and hoteliers due to off season of Panipat tourism. Trip during May, June, and July can save lots of bucks and also an uninterrupted one due to less numbers of visitors.

Monsoons are also satisfactory season for tourism as rise in travelers seen since the start of rainy season. Due to geographical conditions, this place receives scare rainfall and temperature also fall to comfortable zone. Even there are many happening events occur during this period of time, so August to October can also be best time to visit Panipat.
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